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Welcome to the Association for Spirituality and Mental Health
ASMH promotes interaction, collaboration, education, research, care and advocacy in the domains of spirituality and mental health.  We strive for diversity, with members from across Canada and other countries, as well as various faith and ethnic groups, various disciplines, representing both consumers and mental health professionals.

About ASMH
About ASMH to find out about the beginnings of the Association.
Board of Directors to find out more about our Executive Commitee and Advisory Board and click here for information about becoming a member.

ASMH provides numerous opportunities for
networking, including a Journal Club. 


Upcoming event, April 19-24, 2015: "Mindful Self-Compassion", a 5 day Residential Retreat with Lynette Monteiro, Frank Musten and Brittany Glynn (https://ottawamindfulnessclinic.wordpress.com/retreats-workshops/).

Recent Journal Club at The Royal on May 27th from 6:30-8:00 in the Auditorium: Rabbi Bulka will give a presentation titled "How Does Judaism Shape Mental Health?". 

Recent Journal Club at The Royal on May1st, 2014, : "The Riddle in the Mirror: Meaning and Purpose in Life's Struggles" with Jayni Bloch.

Recent Journal Club at The Royal on February 13th, 2014, : "Healing Through Art Explorations" with Louise Lalande.

Recent Journal Club at The Royal on December 5th, 2013: "Meaning and Mental Health: What's the Connection?". Presented by  Rabbi Bulka. For more information, click here!

Recent event at The Royal on March 21, 2014: "The Medicine Wheel: Healing in Aboriginal Culture". Presented by Tim Yearington. For more info, click here!

Recent event at The Royal on July 11, 2013: Movie and Discussion Journal Club, "A Bottle in the Gaza Sea". Discussion facilitated by Dr. Joan MacDonald (President, ASMH)

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